Arts Foward : Relief & Response Fund

Help us move Arts Forward!

With touring performances at a standstill, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced or eliminated SPA’s traditional revenue streams while simultaneously depriving our audiences and supporters of the uplifting power of the arts.

In response, we’re launching Arts Forward, a Relief & Response Fund to help SPA weather the storm, impact our community during a time of need through innovative new programs, and remain at the ready to present performnaces when it is safe to do so.

Your support has never been more need, and its impact has never been greater. Please make a gift today.


Every donation matters:

The CARES Act expands incentives for charitable giving to eligible 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations like Society for the Performing Arts, even for individuals who take the standard deduction. For more information on the CARES Act, speak with your tax advisor and call us if we can help.