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In the course of planning a season for Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), patterns and themes will emerge from the selected slate of artists, from the subject matter of the various performances and from the ideas that inspired the different works of art. When it all comes to together, the dialogue between art forms, the sequence of performance events, and the possible reactions to be elicited require a special program. 

The Power of Positive
At the heart of education and community engagement programming at the Society for the Performing Arts is The Power Positive. SPA’s 2013-2014 season of education and community engagement programs, reflects the purpose and practice of social justice and empowering students to be who they are while giving teachers the tools to help them do so. The Art of Teaching is a series of professional development workshops for educators designed to enhance art in education and integration of the performing arts in grades K through 12. Art of Teaching workshops are facilitated by performing artists visiting Houston from around the world. They can focus on professional training, rehearsal techniques for the classroom or teaching content through the arts. Then later on in the year we have the  it gets better Artist Residency. During the stay of this powerful performance, the visiting artists will work closely with Houston’s diverse community in a series of workshops, rehearsals, and community dialogue to create a performance intended to energize a local awareness of bullying and its damaging effects on a healthy community.

Movement Toward Literacy Projects
Our Movement Toward Literacy programs explore the connection between words and actions to support student learning in the classroom and the creativity of our future workforce. It is a cultural partnership with poets, storytellers, choreographers, teachers, librarians, and parents. We bring in some of the world’s best artists in their fields to help us create events such as the Alvin Ailey Revelations Residency, Meta-Fourth Fridays, and the Space City Grand Slam where students get the opportunity to showcase all they have learned in their workshops. Together we access the power of the performing arts by employing slam poetry, creative movement, public speaking and dance technique to support the lifelong, intellectual process of gaining meaning from the spoken & written word.  

Revelations Residency
Ad Deum Dance 
Writers in the Schools 
Space City Grand Slam
Meta-Fourth Fridays 
Paul Taylor Dance Company
Mark Morris Dance Group
Neighborhood Centers
Furr HS

Creativity Challenges
Creativity is an essential 21st Century skill. SPA’s Creativity Challenges enhance learning in the visual, performing and cultural arts, engage classrooms in the creative process and honor the effort and talent of young artists and their instructors. Vocal and instrumental contenders in the Deck the Disco Challenge will win tickets to the December presentation of ABBA: The Concert and an opportunity to perform in the lobby before the concert. In January, the Pilobolus-inspired Optical Illusion Challenge will recognize the best combination of modern dance and magic tricks. The Wells Fargo Student Art Contest is the centerpiece of our Creativity Challenges. Now in its 16th annual incarnation, students are invited to explore the Power of Positive through the work of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan.

Art Contest 
Deck the Disco & Magic Moves

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